Sr. Portrait

Good Sisters Summer 2016

Today I had the opportunity to shoot the Very Good Sisters.  These twins are a complete blast.  This was my first time shooting sisters and it was a wonderful experience.  Of course they have very distinct personalities and styles, and gave very different looks to the camera.  When we planned our shoot it was a pleasant and comfortable 85, but on photo day it was 102 outside; we were baking.  I have to say that these girls were troopers and really took to posing and playing and laughing the whole afternoon.  The result was a series of beautiful images of these two amazing young ladies.

Rachel 2 - 2015

Senior Portrait Photography, Roseville California

This week, I had another chance to shoot with the wonderful Rachel.  There is a fun little side street in Old Roseville that has some great colors and textures.  Rachel brought her "up for anything" attitude and we had a blast.  It's always great to work with someone who is the embodiment of joy.  We shot in the alley, dodged a few cars, and had some 'hair flipping' moments.  I couldn't ask for a better shoot!  Thank you Rachel.

Rachel - 2015

Back lit photo in a Roseville park

Today was my first shoot with someone who wasn't a member of my family. It's a scary thing to start down a path that forces you to share your art with others. What I do, what this path is about, is asking someone to join me in crafting, capturing and sharing special moments. There can be so much fear and doubt in this process for the photographer and client alike.