Group Portrait

Mikayla - 2015

Today shoot was with the wonderful Miss Mikayla.  We set up this shoot to take place in a field in Roseville Ca.  This turned out to be one of the last days her best friend, and singularly awesome individual, Mar was going to be in town before moving out of state.  I was honored to be able to photograph  some of the fun that these girls have.  They are both lively, funny and kind and I hope some of that comes thorugh in these images.  Being able to capture people as they are at that moment in their life is an encouraging process.


Hard Rock Shadowkiller photo shoot.

Hard rock, but super nice.  These guys contacted me to to shoot their band photos for their upcoming album, "Until the war is won."  We met in an abandoned and burnt building for a series of profile and group shots.  These guys were a blast to work with, they really got into the shoot.  We tried a lot of creative shots and I think the final images turned out great.  For some hard rock check them out at