Model Shoot

Soft and Sultry was the theme of a meetup I attended in Roseville.  There were around 10 models posing in lovely dresses in different settings all waiting to have their picture taken.  They sure didn't have to wait long with about 18 photographers around eager to snap them up.  This was a curious adventure for me.  Each model tries hard to pose and be beautiful, while paying attention to each phototographer clicking away.  It was . . . interesting.   

I recognized quickly that there wasn't the time or the focus to build a connection with individual models.  A few quick directions issued, hopefully you can get to your spot for the right angle and you flash does't get muddied with others.  Models were on a job, look pretty, and they succeeded at that.  But to get them comfortable enough to build a rapport was a bit difficult.  Working on that connection is crucial to creating a images that speak to artist and client alike.  In the future I'll do more meetups, just to build my skill in directing, composing and working in adversity, but I long for more direct client sessions.  You can help me out by sending a line and scheduling your own, personalized, photo shoot